“I’m on the bed pinned beneath him, my arms stretched out and held above my head…”

“Ana,” José has joined me. “You okay?”“I think I’ve just had a bit too much to drink.” I smile weakly at him.“Me too,” he murmurs, and his dark eyes are watching me intently. “Do you need a hand?” he asks and steps closer, putting his arm around me.“José I’m okay. I’ve got this.” I try and push him away rather feebly.“Ana, please,” he whispers, and now he’s holding me in his arms, pulling me close.“José, what you doing?”“You know I like you Ana, please.” He has one hand at the small of my back holding me against him, the other at my chin tipping back my head. Holy fuck… he’s going to kiss me.“No José, stop – no.” I push him, but he’s a wall of hard muscle, and I cannot shift him. His hand has slipped into my hair, and he’s holding my head in place.“Please, Ana, cariña,” he whispers against my lips. His breath is soft and smells too sweet – of margarita and beer. He gently trails kisses along my jaw up to the side of my mouth. I feel panicky, drunk, and out of control. The feeling is suffocating.“José, no,” I plead. I don’t want this. You are my friend, and I think I’m going to throw up.“I think the lady said no.” A voice in the dark says quietly. Holy shit! Christian Grey, he’s here. How? José releases me.“Grey,” he says tersely. I glance anxiously up at Christian. He’s glowering at José, and he’s furious. Crap.

Luke Grimes photoshoot ‘14
can’t wait to see him as Elliot Grey tbh

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Christian & Elliot
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